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Our Company Policy prevents income inequality between employees. What should I do?

With the 30% ruling employees who meet the conditions can get a tax-free reimbursement of up to 30% of their gross income. If other employees do not receive this benefit, this will be a cause for inequality that may be in conflict with the company policy.

It is possible to respect the company policy and still apply for the 30% ruling. How does that work?

The tax-free reimbursement is up to 30% of the gross income. This means it is possible to take into account a lower percentage, even 0%.

What use is applying a tax-free reimbursement of 0% ?

The tax-free reimbursement is not the only benefit of the 30% ruling. There is also the advantage of the Partial Resident Taxpayer Status. A lower reimbursement, even %, can therefore assist in maintaining company policy and still allow the employee to receive a benefit.