Please find below The 30% Ruling Tax Calculator and Dutch Income Tax Calculator 2016.

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30% Ruling Tax Calculator 2016 & Income Tax Calculator 2016

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Calculator 2016 details:

Are you subject to Dutch Social Security Tax?

In short you are insured in the Netherlands (Yes) unless you are assigned to the Netherlands by a foreign employer, work exclusively abroad for more than 24 months, or possibly when you work for 2 or more companies in more than one country (No).

In most cases you are insured for the social security in The Netherlands, that’s why we standard filled the answer to this question with a ‘Yes’ . If you are unsure if you are insured for social security, you can leave this at ‘ Yes’ .

Partial Social Security

If you worked only part of the year in the Netherlands, you may only be socially secured partially in the Netherlands.

30% Ruling                     

A specific tax benefit for Expats.

Main Residence Property

The property you own in the Netherlands that is your main residence.

WOZ Value                     

This is the value of your Main Residence Property.

For 2016, you will need the value 2016 dated 01-01-2015.

Company Car

The tax authorities will add the addition (in % of the catalogue value) to your gross income for your private use of the company car.

Child Tax Credit                          

If you have a tax partner, the one with the lowest employment income will receive this tax credit.

Calculator Left Column                           

This shows the result without any of the selected options.

Calculator Right Column                       

The result will include all of your options, whether you select only one option or all of them.

Small Mortgage Deduction                   

If you own a property but pay little or no mortgage interest, the deduction will reduce the additional property income to nil. This is an advantage.

Mortgage Interest Correction

In 2016, when your taxable income exceeds the amount of € 66.421 that part that exceeds this amount will be taxed against the maximum tax rate of 52%. Technically this means that if your taxable income, including mortgage interest deduction, exceeds this amount you will have a mortgage interest deduction against the maximum tax rate of 52%.

However, since 2014 the mortgage interest has been limited and not deductible against the maximum income tax rate of 52% anymore. Each year the deduction decreases by 0,5% of the tax rate. In 2016 the mortgage interest deduction is corrected by 1.5%, meaning it can be deducted against a maximum tax rate of 50.5%

30% Ruling Check:

This is a check based solely on the income requirements of the 30% ruling. Please note there are more conditions to qualify for the 30% ruling. Please see our App for all of them.


Although this calculator has been compiled with the utmost care, we cannot guarantee that it will be applicable for each and every situation. We advise you to always check the outcome of the calculator with your advisor.