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The 30% ruling is defined in a separate section of the Wage Tax Act and its current form an accumulation of decades of court legislation. Although the application procedure for the 30% ruling has been greatly simplified in the course of the years, it is still based on tax law. Nevertheless, many companies such as relocation agents, housing agents and even moving companies have discovered the 30% ruling as an easy revenue stream considering the application to be a mere formality needing only a basic knowledge of some of the rules. Sure, they are cheap but for something that will be the single most important tax planning tool available to you, for the next 8 years, trying to save a couple of hundred euros is penny smart but definitely pound foolish.

On the other end of the spectrum are the accountancy and tax advisory firms. Yes, they (should) know the tax law. But they also come at a premium, charging between € 400 to € 1,000 for the application. And that is excluding 21% VAT charge. And most of the time, you get an inexperienced junior handling your case because the application is not part of their core business. Only when there is an issue will an experienced senior step in.

We realized that there is nothing in the middle. Therefore, we set-up a tax advisory firm which specializes specifically in the 30% ruling: The 30% Ruling Specialists.

The Application Form for the 30% ruling looks simple enough, but the underlying rules can be very tricky. Especially in situations of previous stay or employment in The Netherlands or salaries on or around the minimum required levels.

We have the same tax law degree as consultants at other tax advisory firms and experience to match. This allows us to read, interpret and apply the legal text and court cases relating to the 30% ruling. And these rules are constantly changing based on new court cases and legislation. An employee only has 1 chance to apply for the 30% ruling. If this is executed incorrectly or incomplete, he or she may risk being excluded from reapplying for the 30% ruling. It is therefore important to have full knowledge of the 30% ruling and to be up to date with the most current status of the 30% ruling court cases. 

If relocation, housing agents and moving agents are gas stations and traditional tax advisory and accountancy firms are supermarkets, then we are an organic artisan bakery. We all sell bread, but… well you get the idea.

Starting a new job, or moving to a new country. We understand that these are all very exciting events but also take up a lot of your time and you have a million things coming at you. Having to spend hours trying to figure out if you qualify for the 30% ruling should not be another item on your extensive to do list. We have therefore put our accumulated knowledge of the 30% ruling into an App, The 30% Ruling App. By answering a number of simple questions, the App will tell you in under 6 minutes whether you qualify for the 30% ruling or not.

After completing the App, simply complete our Questionnaire and send that to us. We will review your information and contact you for the next steps to make sure that all elements in place for the 30% ruling. These steps may include:

•Updating your employment or assignment agreement for the 30% ruling;
•Setting up a Dutch payroll for the purpose;

After that, there are two signatures needed: one from the employee and one from the employer, you will need to upload some additional documents and the application can be filed. Through our Client Portal you will have 24/7 access to your account so you can track the status of your application. 8 to 12 weeks later, the Dutch tax authorities will get back with what should be a confirmation that you are eligible for the 30% ruling.

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